Kootenai | Kootenai Health | Issue 3, 2022

KH . ORG 9 Me e t o u r n ew p r ov i d e r s Kootenai Clinic Appointment Center Need to nd a physician and schedule an appointment? Start here: (208) 625-6767. The Appointment Center can help you: • Determine the type of physician you need • Find an appointment that ts your schedule • Explain what to expect at your appointment Call the Appointment Center at (208) 625-6767 or request an appointment online at appointmentcenter.kh.org. Michael Carl, M.D. Kootenai Health Family Birth Center Tell us a bit about you and your family. I am originally from western Washington, where I grew up and completed my undergraduate degree at University of Washington in Seattle. My wife and I met in St. Louis, Missouri, while we were there for medical school. After completing our medical training in Cincinnati, Ohio, we decided to move to the Northwest to be back in my home state and enjoy all of the outdoor activities the area offers. Whydidyoupickyour specialty? Early on as a medical student, I knew I wanted to do pediatric medicine. It was not until a neonatology rotation during my pediatric residency that I knew specifically I wanted to specialize in the care of newborns. I found that infants have an incredible ability to heal and sometimes an unbelievable level of resilience, all while going through the most dynamic phase of life. Neonatology is an area of medicine that combines my interests in intensive care in an inpatient setting with family-oriented longitudinal care during a baby’s entire hospital stay. What canpatients expectwhen theyfirst meetwithyou? I always strive to achieve the best possible care and outcomes in conjunction with the entire neonatal intensive care unit team while using the most up-todate medicine possible. I believe that family inclusion in the decision-making process is of utmost importance for achieving that goal. What are someofyour hobbies? I enjoy hiking, snow skiing and biking, as well as traveling to national parks and international destinations. What drewyou toKootenai Health? I was drawn to Kootenai Health for its commitment to delivering excellent health care in a rapidly growing community. What isyour favorite healthy tip? Stay active. It is easier to remain that way than trying to increase your activity level later in life.