Kootenai | Kootenai Health | Issue 3, 2022

10 Molly Howlett, D.O. Kootenai Clinic Hospital Medicine Why did you pick your specialty? I spent a number of years working in the ICU and now just focus on general hospital medicine. I picked hospital medicine because I like taking care of the sickest patients. The variety of patients and medical problems in the hospital is the best. No two days are alike. What canpatientsexpect whentheyfirstmeetwithyou? When my patients first meet me, they might be a bit surprised by my laugh. No one plans on coming to the hospital, no one likes being in the hospital, so I figure we should just make the best of a terrible situation. You can either laugh or cry—or do both at the same time. But in the end, having a smile always makes a person feel a little bit better. What are someofyour hobbies? Hobbies that I enjoy are any outdoor activities, especially if they involve snow and mountains. I really don’t connect with lake sports, but the lake sure is pretty. What drewyou to Kootenai Health? I grew up in the Colorado mountains and have lived in Spokane for a number of years now. Moving to Kootenai Health is a step closer to the mountains. What isyour favorite healthy tip? Do something every day that makes you uncomfortable, and try to eat food that looks like it came from a farm, not a bag. Brett Eliuk, D.O. Kootenai Heart Clinics Tell us a bit about you and your family. My wife, Carrie, and I recently relocated from Michigan. We have three older children: Blake (20), Maddie (18) and Caitlin (16). Whydidyoupickyour specialty? I enjoy all aspects of cardiology. It is a very rapidly progressing specialty that has a lot of studies and research to guide us in caring for patients, so I can give people actual data, not just what I think is best. I enjoy the high-intensity emergency situations and the procedures that can make significant improvements in a patient’s life and well-being, in addition to the yearly health maintenance visits where we chat about our families and lives. Cardiology affects all people at various stages and ages, and everyone is affected differently. Just when I think I’ve seen it all, I’m surprised again. What canpatients expectwhen theyfirstmeet withyou? I like to get to know each patient and their life experience as we figure out their symptoms and heart issues. I think it helps to understand their knowledge level, prior health care experiences, beliefs and wishes so we can create a good care plan together. These are decisions we should make together. I feel my job is not to tell you what to do but rather to explain it well and guide you to make a safe, informed decision that you can be comfortable with and that coincides with your beliefs. What are someofyour hobbies? The majority of my free time is spent with my family. We like traveling, hiking, boating and hanging out with friends. I also enjoy hunting and fishing. I’m looking forward to exploring northern Idaho. What drewyou toKootenai Health? At the end of training, we almost took a position in Colorado but chose to stay in Michigan because our family was young. We have great friends and family out West and frequently traveled out to see them, every time wondering why we didn’t live there. I was looking for a change now that my children are older and was referred to Kootenai by a good friend. Kootenai Health has many beliefs and care models that match my own. The Coeur d’Alene area has many great people and places that fit my family’s lifestyle. What isyour favoritehealthy tip? I usually tell people, “Do your thing; live your life.” If you have issues that are getting in the way of that, then let us know so we can work on making it better. Schedule an appointment: Call (208) 625-5250.