Kootenai | Kootenai Health | Issue 3, 2022

KH . ORG 7 ConnectWith Kootenai Health’s MyChart What is MyChart? MyChart gives you secure online access to your medical record. You can use the internet to help manage and receive information about your health care. With MyChart, you can: • View your health summary from hospital or clinic visits • See your test results as soon as they are available • Request prescription renewals • Send and receive private messages with your care team Is there a fee to use it? MyChart is a free service for our patients. How do I sign up? You will be given a MyChart activation code during your next clinic visit. Use this code to log in and create your own username and password. Check it out Learn more about MyChart at KH.org/ patient-portal. between providers, whether across the street or around the globe. “There can be a frustration to have to repeat your story 12 times to 12 providers. With Epic, patients get to be patients and providers can see every note from every encounter around the country,” said pediatrician Vanessa Carroll, M.D., medical director of pediatrics at Kootenai Health. “Epic—and the patient tool, MyChart—has been a significant improvement for our patients and their parents.” Ablessing for the family For Stephanie, having everything in one place meant she could shift her focus from being a patient advocate to being a mom. “It gave me an opportunity to comfort Gracie-Mai and keep her distracted. Now, there’s just not that stress of making sure it’s all correct— that feeling that it all falls on me, and if I miss something, it will negatively impact us later on,” Stephanie said. “With this, everything is in one place. It’s nice for Gracie-Mai that I am able to just focus on her.” Being able to coordinate this service locally has been a blessing for Gracie’s family. “They treat Gracie like a hotel guest. They really care. Gracie loses enough school as it is, and last time, everything just went so smooth,” Stephanie said. “They really try to make sure they have a good rapport and that she is comfortable. She doesn’t dread going—it’s been good each time.” The team at Kootenai Health not only helped Gracie during her treatments, but also helped the family navigate the complexities of billing and insurance. “These treatments are a whole lot of money every month. It’s extremely difficult to navigate with everything else going on. We were looking at refinancing our house, selling a car—it was going to be financially devastating,” Stephanie said. “The nursing staff, and especially our social worker, was phenomenal. By the time we left Gracie’s last treatment, our social worker had us enrolled in a financial assistance program from the drug manufacturers that was going to help cover the costs.” The local availability of this service and the seamless connection between providers enables Kootenai Health to better serve the needs of our rapidly growing region. “It can be challenging at times to have a child with a chronic illness, so being able to provide this service is a huge benefit for the community,” MyChart Provided by Kootenai Health Gracie-Mai and her family—Stephanie Coates (mom), Jacob, 7 (brother), and Dustian (dad)—have a family outing. Dr. Carroll said. “Having everything in one place with Epic means we are truly one connected team, with patients at the center of it all.”