Kootenai | Kootenai Health | Issue 3, 2022

20 By Kristina Orrego Sometimes after patients have endured a health scare that was quite possibly the most terrifying ordeal of their lives, they’re compelled to give back to the facility that saved their lives. Other times, people see the ways that Kootenai Health has benefited a loved one. Donors can also be community members who give with the motive of wanting to see services in their community flourish. “Every gift is an act of kindness and deeply appreciated,” Julie Holt, former president of Kootenai Health Foundation, said. “There are also plenty of ways to give—donors can make a one-time gift, make pledges over any given period of time or talk with the Foundation about an estate gift.” Kootenai Health donors, in particular, are very generous. “It has a huge impact,” Julie said. “Whether you give $25 or $1 million, it helps the hospital continue to provide the absolute best services to our community and our patients.” I s an Ac t o f K i ndne s s ’ Donations to the Foundation help keep our hospital and community strong ‘All thanks toour donors’ In recent months, the Foundation has begun work on a campaign for the Heart Center expansion, part of Kootenai Health’s strategy of expanding cardiac services to meet the needs of an ever-growing patient population. The expansion will add a second electrophysiology lab for heart rhythm disorders, a second cardiac catheterization lab and nine new patient rooms. It’s slated to be completed by fall 2023. “Another advantage of giving to the Foundation is that donors are able to designate where their funds go,” Kali Singleton, supervisor of Foundation development, said. “It makes a huge difference for our donors to be able to tell us exactly what they want to support,” she said. “Even if it’s $5 a month, they can have funds go to the Cancer Patient Support Fund, the Heart Center, staff education or any other program that is meaningful to the donor.” Kali’s work includes researching the Foundation’s priorities—those that would enhance care, maximize patient satisfaction and make Kootenai Health a premier workplace for prospective staff members and physicians. “Donor support helps Kootenai Health provide innovative health care for our community, which also makes us an employer of choice,” said Kali. “In 2019, we were able to acquire the da Vinci surgical robot. The da Vinci allows surgeons to place their eyes and hands within a console and control four robotic arms, allowing them more precision of movement and range of motion. We are able to draw outstanding physicians to our area by offering technological advancements like the da Vinci—all thanks to our donors.” ER IF G ‘EV Y