Kootenai | Kootenai Health | Issue 2, 2021

Level Ill NICU ��s,4Miv� Sometimes tiny newborns need extra attention at birth. Kootenai Health's Family Birth Center features a Level Ill Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) that provides the expert care, technology and resources to help our littlest patients thrive, including: • Private spacious rooms for each little one, so new moms can stay overnight with their babies • Expert care for babies as early as 28 weeks and as small as about 2 pounds • Board-certified neonatologists available around the clock Our multidisciplinary care team, including neonatologists, experienced nursing staff, occupational, speech and physical therapists, respiratory therapists and our certified lactation specialists will be with you every step of the way. Even if there are a few unexpected bumps in your baby's arrival, we are here to provide the expertise and compassionate care to help you and baby overcome every obstacle, get well and get home. When it comes to your most important day, you can trust us with the most important details. Level 111 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Kootenai Health